Election Report (2): Early elections are a shock to the system, CIVIL also notes a black campaign

While it was announced that “Election Report” would be broadcast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, CIVIL’s team has decided to prepare an extraordinary edition. The next edition of “Election Report” will be broadcast live tomorrow, September 29, 2021, at 11.15 am, on CIVIL’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.


Position regarding announcements of possible early parliamentary elections

Early elections are a shock to the system. They additionally polarize society and have bad impact on business and the economy. Elections postpone, and often also disrupt implementation of important processes and projects. And they are expensive. That is why it is a strong recommendation of CIVIL that election processes be held in their regular terms.


Calls for early elections are intense, which is probably a direct reason for opening a discussion on early parliamentary elections. The demands of the opposition for individual resignations may be justified or unjustified, but the demands for early elections of the opposition are not enough reason for them to be accepted. The government is responsible for the normal functioning of the state and is not obligated to satisfy the appetites for power of certain politicians.

Political abuse of children in the election campaign

CIVIL’s monitoring notes cases of political abuse of children in the election campaign.

These actions violate Article 12 paragraph 4 of the Law on Protection of Children. “Abuse of children for political and religious organizing and action is prohibited”. This, according to our legal experts, means general prohibition of using children in any form of political action, including also a political election campaign

First day of campaign: Usual events, but also a black campaign

The first day of the official election campaign went by with the usual events and meetings with citizens. We note an key difference in the performance of certain political blocs. Not even the first day of the campaign went by without hate speech and insults against political opponents. Recycling of old jokes and attempts to discredit the political opponent is noticed among some parties.

A black campaign is noted in VMRO-DPMNE’s appearance in Bitola, with recycling of old jokes with the purpose to discredit the political opponent.

Furthermore, a black campaign is noted also in Kocani, where flyers are distributed with a discrediting content against the current mayor and candidate of SDSM for this position, Nikolcho Ilijev.

So much for the Code of Fair and Democratic Elections that was signed by the parties several days ago.

Xhabir Deralla
in cooperation with CIVIL’s Monitoring Team



Translation: N. Cvetkovska

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