DPA Tearce: There is nothing in the world that DPA voters can be bribed with

Denial of CIVIL’s writing: “Tearce: Conflicts and unpaid bribe” (30.04.2014)

I could not believe and still cannot understand how one of your observers could share such disinformation and lies about the developments in Tearce on the day after the elections. Naturally, members of the DPA Headquarters got happy once they learned the results as delivered by the election commissions and they went calmly and in disciplined manner, either at home, or in the surrounding coffee-bars for a normal chat. DUI members got together from all the parts of Tearce to celebrate their Pyrrhic victory in Tearce. It is absolutely incorrect that DPA members were celebrating that night. This fact may be confirmed by every single inhabitant of Tearce.

However, what irritates me most in your writing is the statement of your observer that around a hundred of DPA voters got into a fight for not receiving MKD 500 in return to their vote given to DPA.

Such a miserable and notorious lie for the DPA voters in Tearce! This you have to deny. There is nothing in the world that DPA voters can be bribed with. Those voters are faithful to their party and they have never ever done not a slight corruption.

Such this disinformation concerning the DPA voters in Tearce, you will find somewhere else instead, or in another political entity. In DPA – by no means.

It is in the interest of your prominent association to the sooner the better, dissociate itself from all these disinformation on DPA voters in Tearce, deny in front of the wider public and address a special apology to the DPA voters in Tearce.

With respect,

DPA Headquarters, Tearce 

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