DPA: DUI officials engrossed in corruption

Bekim Fazliu, a parliamentarian coming from the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA), submitted documentation to the Anti-Corruption Commission, in which, as he says, the engross into corruption of DUI officials is evidenced. Fazliu condemns Blerim Bexheti and the Director of Post Office, Rafiz Haliti, for crime and theft.

“During his mandate as a Minister, Blerim Bexheti has done nothing good for the Albanians. Blerim Bexheti has used his Ministerial position for exercising pressure and racketeering through his executors, to collect bribes for issuance of notary licences. The bribe amounts are alarming and vary from EUR 30.000, 60.000 and up to 100.000. The Justice Minister is, directly or through his people, involved in crime and theft, in cases of public bids and by exercising pressure against judges, prisons and Albanian prisoners”, Fazliu said.

PDSH’s parliamentarian reiterated his previous condemnations. According to his party, the Defence Minister, Talat Xhaferi and the former Defence Minister, Fatmir Besimi, have in confidence, concluded agreements in value of millions, and which are opposing the Law. The Economy Minister, Valon Saracini is accused for bribe in issuing permits and concessions. This is testified by a businessman, who gave a statement saying to have been requested money in order to acquire concession. The Minister of Local Government, Tahir Hani, has been paying a monthly salary of EUR 800 to a former party official, and also to his niece, a monthly salary of EUR 850, despite the fact that she never stepped into the Ministry. The parliamentarian Ermira Mehmeti, has, opposing the Law, been receiving EUR 500 monthly from the Defence Minister Talat Xhaferi, in addition to her regular envoy salary, by not even revealing what services is she being paid for. The Deputy Director of Public Revenue Office, Argetim Asani, has been damaging the Albanian businesses through fines and closures of businesses, by meanwhile not even paying taxes for his own business, Bexheti said.

Fazliu urgently demands from the Anti Corruption Commission to do its job, obey the Law and raise proceedings against all DUI officials.

Arbana Qerimi

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