Dodevski: The institutions are not functioning, there is chaos and madness on the ground!

“Many families in the disadvantaged flooded areas have still not received any humanitarian aid. The Red Cross, obviously cannot cover the entire area and offer help to all the citizens”, stated Dragan Dodevski in an interview for CIVIL Media, a citizen activist and one of the initiators of the humanitarian action on the social networks, for donations to the disadvantaged families that was held today at an open air point in front of the Vero-Jumbo market.

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“Citizens are disoriented and it is strange how they suggested for us to stop with the activities, claiming that they (the Red Cross) would do everything that is needed.  There are rumors that donations are being abused and that in some settlements humanitarian aid is handed out on party basis. This is the third day we have been constantly collecting donations from the citizens and distributing packages with water, food, hygiene items and clothing to the families. The institutions need to act with their full capacity. It is obvious that nothing is functioning”.

Моnika Taleska

Camera: Аtanas Petrovski

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