Dimitrov: Regional cooperation is an absolutely European story

Regional cooperation is extremely important for achieving the common strategic commitments to which the Government is committed regardless of the political situation, and confirmation of that is my participation in this meeting. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov, who on behalf of the Government of Northern Macedonia, arrived in Belgrade this afternoon for a working meeting within the "Open Balkans" initiative.

- Above all, I come with the message that regional cooperation is an absolutely European story, that we want to continue to deepen it. "We are adding an important segment tomorrow - how digitalisation can help us accelerate and deepen regional co-operation," Dimitrov said on arrival in Belgrade.

I am coming at a moment, added Dimitrov, when as you know, in our Macedonia, in Northern Macedonia, local elections are over, there are certain political challenges, and a political crisis in some way.

- It is important to give a signal that as a Government, as a state, we are fully committed to this initiative that was born in the Balkans and whose goal is primarily a European Balkans, said Dimitrov.

According to the SEA, leadership meetings are planned with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, as well as with representatives of companies from the three countries participating in the platform to boost regional co-operation in the context of European integration.

Tomorrow, starting at 11:30, a press conference will be held, which will be broadcast live.

Source: MIA
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