Deralla: When facts of CIVIL speak, Macedonian political Olympus remains silent

We are publishing fragments of the speeches and the statements that were delivered by Xhabir Deralla for the media in relation to the Meeting with the citizens on the topic ALL FOR FREE ELECTIONS that was held in Ohrid.

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What we are about to announce is rock-solid true, supported with facts, photos, recordings, documents, with statements and testimonials. Everything we have published until now is supported with many materials which are undeniable evidence. They say that when the facts speak, the gods remain silent. If you were in a room filled with the Gods of Olympus, and if we from CIVIL-Center for freedom were to enter, trust me, everybody would remain silent until we left. I thank you very much for the discussion, because, believe me, it makes me very happy that finally CIVIL serves as an example also in discussions with citizens who have something to say. Regardless if you belong to one or the other political affiliation. Here I see and hear citizens who have something to say. They have a voice, and are voicing their opinion, and they have ears to hear different opinions.

Statement for the media

Today’s event is a meeting with citizens of the Municipality of Ohrid, however, it is also a meeting with representatives of political parties. We have invited all political parties. To my very pleasant surprise they have all responded. I can say that we have encountered an exceptional cooperation with the Municipality of Ohrid. Today the event will be opened by a high representative of the Municipality. This is an opportunity within our project “Free elections for free citizens” to discuss more in regards to the type of conditions we need in order to reach a situation in which we can say that we have free elections. Here, in this place, together with the citizens of Ohrid, we will exchange opinions and experiences on how we as citizens, as organizations, as local politicians, can contribute towards improving the democratic processes in the Republic of Macedonia in general, moreover, in the context of the election process, which is awaiting us all. This is a project segment with which we are fully opening up our project activities to everyone, and we would like to include everyone to take part. Within this project, we hope that we will achieve in motivating a large number of citizens to engage themselves in the citizen observation of the elections process, and at the same time, also observations of the human freedoms and rights in general. As you know, the voting process is one of the fundamental rights in that sense, if we as citizens do not engage ourselves, we cannot expect to have true quality processes, nor quality protection of our rights.

Closing statement of the meeting

For CIVIL, knowing that we are conducting observations on a much longer basis than is the case with other nongovernmental organizations and institutions the size of OSCE / ODIHR, is the most important thing. We can say that according to the words of serious world experts, we have in the past years, according to them, created and developed a new methodology that hasn’t been seen till now. Precise, efficient, timely and also with very little resources. These are attributes which I have not made up, but have heard being directed towards us. First and foremost, it is very important to understand that we treat every information thoroughly and we check it on at least two levels. Our on-site information is based on our observations. However, have in mind that we also follow rumors and disinformation very carefully. We do not discard any rumor or disinformation immediately, but we try to locate its source in order to reach the generator of that machine, so that later we can analyze it and discover why that rumor had been created and why the rumor had been released in the public, in that given moment.

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