Deralla: There was suspicious entry of money – as a society we are in a continuous hybrid attack

After the elections, a guest in Morning Briefing was Xhabir Deralla, President of CIVIL, which
was practically the only organization that monitored the elections.



The assessment of the SEC is that the elections were democratic, but the opposition
complained that there were irregularities despite having won in a greater number of
-We as a society have gotten used to what democratic elections mean. The elections were
democratic and fair and there is no word that. What we are saying is that we are a target of
some kind of hybrid attacks, we saw that the election administration does not function well or
are party cadre in the election boards, or are untrained. Unfortunately, the fingerprint devices

turned out to be a very expensive toy that didn’t functions as they should have. In one polling
station, out of 80 voters, the fingerprint device worked for only 19 voters, said Deralla.
We have entered some kind of a political crisis.
-Zaev says there was serious infiltration of money. That is very serious, says Deralla.
It is money from Hungary, from Orban and sources close to him.
-The government needs to be accountable about that. Zaev’s resignation should be accepted.
We have a situation where a new mandate should be given, because with the resignation of the
Prime Minister, the government also falls, comments Deralla for Utrinski Briefing.

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