Deputy Prime Minister Dimitrov met with Olin Wettington of International Republican Institute - IRI

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Government for European Affairs today met with Olin Wettington, member of the Board of Directors of the International Republican Institute (IRI), accompanied by Ilina Mangova, IRI Program Director in North Macedonia.

Current issues at the domestic and international level were discussed at the meeting, including the status of the European integration process of North Macedonia and the expectations for overcoming the challenges.

Deputy Prime Minister Dimitrov emphasized the support of the International Republican Institute for strengthening the democratic processes and capacities of North Macedonia, which achievements were noted in the EC Report on the country that was released this month.

– The process of European integration is the main impetus of the reform agenda, aimed precisely at European values and standards, but also reflects the engagement of the EU and the supports of the United States for stability and prosperity of the region. The start of the EU accession negotiations of North Macedonia means also the start of the next chapter in the development and progress of the region, but also promotion of the built strategic partnerships and the shared vision, said Dimitrov.

The representative of IRI outlined the efforts for continuing the cooperation in areas of strategic importance and the support for projects in which shared values are reflected.

Translation: N. Cvetkovska

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