Conditions not created for holding free elections on June 5

Conditions not created for holding free elections on June 5

The devastating situation of the Voters Register that we have determined in recent years, does however, show a different situation. More specifically, the Voters Register is in an even worse situation than assumed with all of CIVIL’s assessments and analysis of recent years.

Therefore, despite our optimistic assessments that the expert capacity of the SEC would be sufficient, we believe that there isn’t enough time to repair this overwhelming situation. Especially if one takes into consideration the obstructions and other circumstances accompanying the entire situation in Macedonia.

CIVIL has noted continuous abuse and obstructions to the implementation of the Przino Agreement, particularly in regards to freedom of the media and other crucial conditions that need to ensure separation of the party and state and conditions for free elections. Following the latest findings on the situation of the Voters Register, it is becoming quite clear that it will be impossible to provide conditions for holding early parliamentary elections on June 5, 2016.

Basically, consideration must be given to the fulfillment of all the critical requirements for holding free elections in Macedonia, and then to the date.

This situation in Macedonia has been unbearable for a long time and has destroyed the trust in the institutions and the electoral process, thereby causing irreplaceable and long lasting harm to the society and the state.

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