CIVIL’s Elections 2016 Report is online!

The Elections 2016 – Final report of the long-term monitoring of the political process and early parliamentary elections in Republic of Macedonia was launched on February 2, 2017. This publication is published in Macedonian, Albanian and English, both in printed form and on CD, and now also online.

It is an unavoidable literature for those who are searching for information of an independent source. The fieldwork of the monitoring teams and the analyses of CIVIL’s expert team comprise one whole material that represents an excellent base for further reforms in the country, and a significant recommendation and source of information for civil society, political parties and the international community within the efforts for creating conditions for free elections in the future.

In this shocking report of 200 pages, CIVIL speaks about the political crisis, the political situation and events during 2016 are described and details of the monitoring and the implementation of the electoral process are revealed.

The authors of this comprehensive publication, through their reports, analyses and reviews, present the reality of Macedonia, the facts as they are, with no cover ups or hesitation.

The entire project team of CIVIL and the team of experts composed of Dr. Saso Ordanoski, Aleksandar Novakoski, Sandra Gavrilovska, Dragan Zelic (GONG, Croatia), Heather Roberson Gaston (United States), Xhabir Deralla, Sinisa Stankovic, Petrit Saracini, Monika Taleska, Goran Naumovski, Biljana Jordanovska, Dehran Muratov, Maja Ivanovska, Ermin Klimenta and others all took part in the preparation of this report.

This publication, for which one of its authors Xhabir Deralla said at the launching that “although it is 200 pages, it can be read quickly and easily, like a little crime novel”, also concludes the results of the 13-month monitoring of the teams of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, within the framework of the project “Forward!”, financed with German funds of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe. The publication is easily accessible and can be fully downloaded from CIVIL’s website. The use of this publication is enabled in accordance with the license Creative Commons 4.0 which, among else, means free downloading and publication, with the attribution requirement (stating the source).

The publication is printed in MacedonianAlbanian and in English.

Click on the link HERE, for the English edition.


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