CIVIL with unconditional support for the SPO

The citizens of Republic of Macedonia experience the mission of the Special Prosecutor’s Office as a decisive step towards restoring the rule of law. No one is to be allowed ever again to stand above the law! No more crime, corruption, structural violence, abuse and electoral fraud! These are the expectations and hopes that prompted precisely the SPO.

The resolution of the European Parliament also includes the work of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, and requires support in its work from all political entities and state institutions.

However, from December 4 last year when it practically started to work up until now, the SPO has been facing constant obstructions. At the very beginning the SPO faced fierce obstructions, with attempts for it to be discredited, with blockades by the politically corrupted judiciary, with rejections for detentions or precautionary measures for people suspected of serious criminal acts.

But, the Special Prosecutor’s Office continued its struggle for justice, demonstrating extraordinary commitment, perseverance and professionalism. The struggle for justice was taken on by Katica Janeva’s brave team against all challenges.

The abolition that was announced by President Gjorge Ivanov was made with an obvious intention of preventing the work of this institution and causing enormous damage to the entire process of overcoming the political crisis in the country.

Recently the SPO demanded an extension to the deadline of 18 months for completion of the investigative procedures and filing charges against suspects.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom expresses unconditional support for the work of the SPO and considers their demand to be a necessary step. Actually, according to CIVIL, the demand for continuation represents a demand for returning that time to the SPO that was deprived due to obstructions by the centers of power and by Ivanov’s abolition. That is the least that can be done, but that has to be done by the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia!

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