CIVIL with the strongest condemnation of the violence that took away the life of young boy Sazdovski

CIVIL-Center for Freedom most strongly condemns every form of violence, especially among the youth who are victims of the policies led by the representatives of the people. We call on the institutions to conscientiously and honestly fulfill their duty and severely sanction according to the law the perpetrators guilty for the death of the 21-year-old boy Nikola Sazdovski.

We are sending sincere condolences to his family and closest relatives and friends. We urge the citizens not to express their revolt and pain through violence.

We demand from the relevant institutions to take measures for preventing any further incidents or fights.

We also demand from the fan groups, especially from the Komiti, whose member was also Sazdovski, to refrain from incidents. The killers of the young boy have a name and a last name, and need to be held responsible for what they have done! We demand for the political parties not to use this tragic event for daily-political points, because it is about a young boy whose life ended too early!


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