CIVIL through numbers on the election day: 300 mobile observers, 5 editions of “Election Report”, 2 hotlines for reporting irregularities, 30 people in 4 teams at the headquarters and a Press center

CIVIL announced a live broadcast of the program on election day of the second election round, Sunday, October 31st, with five editions of the Election Report during the day at 10, 12, 15, 17 and 19:01 hrs (immediately after closing the voting places). The 5 pm edition envisages the inclusion of some of the long-term election observers from the field.

The report from the monitoring of the election campaign silence in the country shall be published at the first CIVIL press conference at 10 o’clock.

All press conferences will be broadcast live, on the Facebook page and the CIVIL YouTube channel.

If there is a need or at the request of the media, extraordinary live broadcasts will be held from the CIVIL Press studio.

CIVIL will be present in the field with almost three hundred mobile observers, and throughout the day, starting from 6 am until midnight, offices will be opened with 30 people working in four teams: coordination of monitoring, reception and processing of observer reports, analytics and public relations. The CIVIL Press center is in the Business Center “Paloma Bianca” and will start working at 9 am, with the preparation of the first press conference at 10 am.

Election irregularities such as pressure, bribery, abuse, problems with the Voters’ List, violation of the election silence, hate speech, ie., anything that citizens think is inconsistent with their understanding of free, fair and democratic elections, can be reported to CIVIL.

Reports can be submitted on the website or in the Civil report which is easily found by clicking on the banner Stop the fake news and hate speech on the internet portal

Irregularities can also be reported by e-mail ([email protected]), in a message on the CIVIL Facebook page or on the two telephone lines: 02 / 5209 176 (Sunday, from 7 am) and 070 699 580 (Saturday, October 30th, from 12:30 pm).

The information sent to CIVIL should be accurate and reliable, with all the necessary data. Photographs and audio/video recordings obtained illegally will not be accepted.


CIVIL Monitoring Team


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