CIVIL: The state and society must not neglect children’s rights!

CIVIL – Center for Freedom alerts and reminds that the current daily-political events in the country cannot and must not be an excuse for human rights and freedoms not to be respected.

The latest tragedy in which a 17-year-old boy lost his life, who was killed by his peer, is a reminder of the atrociousness of the society in which we live in.

This society must not forget about human rights, and it particularly cannot afford to neglect children’s rights! The state, society, institutions, media and parents have an obligation to work together and to provide maximum conditions for development and for a dignified, healthy and safe life for children and the youth.

Children and the youth have the right to develop in a society in which mutual respect is fostered, to learn that life has no price tag, that no one can even think of making an attempt on someone else’s life. Parents, the institutions, the media, public figures all have an obligation, with their own actions, to give positive examples to children and young people every day.

No one should run away from responsibility, but instead, should start within their own possibilities and competencies, to build healthy conditions for life and development of children and young people. Now!


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