CIVIL supports Coalition O2 and demands immediate resolution of problems!

Prompted by the demands of Coalition O2 and the meeting of the members of this Coalition with Prime Minister Zaev, CIVIL – Center for Freedom is strongly supporting the planned activities arising from the demands submitted to the government.

CIVIL fully agrees with the document that was submitted to the Government, in which the biggest problems are presented, including the 16 pressing issues concerning the entire country.

These problems that previous governments have ignored or only declaratively made efforts to solve, have to be a priority of the new government, as they intensively promised in the pre-election campaigns. Having in consideration that there already are relevant indicators, documents, analyses and solutions offered by the Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations, CIVIL joins the demands for intervention in the Budget for funds related to solving these problems.

Also, CIVIL calls on the Government and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning to seriously engage in solving the environmental problems. The situation in which we are in is at the level of a natural disaster, for which there is no room for delay. CIVIL demands that all activities be undertaken immediately for solving these problems!

CIVIL urges for Coalition O2 to stay alert and to continue to be the voice of the citizens that will keep reminding the institutions every day about the pressing and urgent need for resolving the environmental threats.

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