CIVIL supports and congratulates the professionalism and courage of the Special Public Prosecutor

CIVIL - Center for Freedom expresses its support and sends sincere congratulations to the Special Public Prosecutor’s office for their professionalism, dedication, consistency and courage.

Despite all obstructions of the government during the negotiations to overcome the political crisis, despite the media smear campaign of the regime journalists, despite the discreditation coming from the state institutions and political parties and the lack of cooperation of the Public Prosecutors Council, and many other difficulties that they faced in the past months - the brave team of the Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva showed the first results of their hard work that will finally stand in the way of unscrupulous crimes and abuse of power.

This is a day to remember!

These news will delight many that have waited for a long time for the rule of law to finally prevail in Macedonia. Violation of human rights and freedoms, discrimination, structural violence and electoral frauds in the recent years, for which CIVIL has spoken loudly and repeatedly in its reports from the long-term observation are entering their first, early stage of closure.

We are aware that our country is going to face many more challenges and difficulties, that the road to restoration of the rule of law, respect for the Constitution and human rights and freedoms, is long and painstaking. Therefore, we invite the citizens to express their confidence and thereby support the work of SPP as well as the other institutions that dared to work in the service of the public interest, and to share information with CIVIL on their experiences with abuse and pressures.

CIVIL remains committed to its work and will continue unabated to observe and to inform the public of the situation on the field.

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