CIVIL: Sports should overcome ethnic differences, not instigate them

Ahead of today’s welcoming ceremony for the “Vardar” handball players, who yesterday won the European championship, CIVIL – Center for Freedom is urging all citizens not to succumb to provocations and to peacefully and in a dignified manner celebrate the return of the European champions.

We call on the handball players to strongly condemn any attempt of spreading hate speech and violence!

We demand from the institutions to timely react and not to allow another “celebration of hatred”! To take all measures, to investigate these cases and to urgently sanction the incitement of violence and spreading of inter-ethnic hatred.

We invite and encourage citizens to report all cases of hate speech and acts of hatred.

CIVIL mostly strongly condemns all forms of inciting violence, hate speech and causing inter-ethnic hatred.

CIVIL will continue to follow the development of the events related to last night’s incidents. The impunity of these acts hast to stop forever!

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