CIVIL’s press center will be open for 18 hours on the day of the Referendum

CIVIL’s Team for analyses and coordination will open a press center at Hotel City Park, on Sunday, September 30, which will work from 6 am until midnight. The press center will be open for all domestic and foreign journalists during the day.

Press conferences will be organized at 10:30, 12:30, 14:30, 18:00 and 20:00h. Immediately after the press conference at 20:00h, CIVIL will organize a panel discussion with experts from various fields, as follows: Sasho Ordanoski, Mirjana Najcevska, Aleksandar Novakoski and Sandra Gavrilovska. The panel discussion will be led by Xhabir Deralla from CIVIL.

The press conferences and the panel discussion will be broadcasted live starting from 12:30 and onwards.

CIVIL notes that, regardless of the fact that the press center will be open during the entire day, it will not always be possible for statements to be given, due to the dynamic agenda in the component of analyses and coordination of the organization’s 307 mobile observers throughout the entire country, while many statements for foreign and domestic media are already agreed.

CIVIL is calling on the citizens to report vote-buying, pressures and threats on the online application on the website Free Elections, or on the following telephone numbers: 02 / 5209 176, 070 / 461 480.

As an organization for human rights and freedoms, founded in 1999, CIVIL advocates for maximum respect for the right to vote, and encourages citizens to use that right. CIVIL is not running a campaign, neither FOR or AGAINST, and also recognizes the right of voters to abstain, but strongly opposes hate speech, pressures and vote-buying.

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