CIVIL Press conference at 16:00h: Agitation and intimidation of voters continue

Over a thousand voters in the first part of the day were not able to vote because they did not figure in the Voters Register, while the election day is going by with many irregularities, of which, 140 cases were registered by the analytical team of Civil – Center for Freedom until the third press-conference.

CIVIL’s President Xhabir Deralla, at the press conference held at 16:00h, said that there is still agitation and intimidation of voters, and that the Eelectoral Boards are violating the election procedures because of their lack of knowledge, or because “they do not want to conduct the voting procedure correctly”.

Members of the Electoral Boards either do not know where to direct the citizens who are not on the lists, or are directing them to the Municipal Election Commissions, whose response is that there is nothing that they can do. CIVIL has once again urged the State Election Commission to try to help these voters in realizing their voting right.

Deralla also emphasized the issues of family and proxy votings along with serious violations such as bribing of voters, agitation, pressures, serious obstructions to the monitoring and voting, and the photographing of ballots.

“Even a leader of a political party called us in order to characterize the election process as a problematic one, every second member of his family were missing in the lists”, stated Deralla, who again stressed the hindering in the work of CIVIL’s observers who received verbal threats as well, and the telephone pressures on citizens from party headquarters.

There have also been cases of party activists standing right next to the voting stations.

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