CIVIL: Peace, a step further in overcoming violence, hatred and nationalism

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is joining all peace-loving people around the world in observing International Day of Peace.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is calling on all citizens in Macedonia, its members and supporters, activists, volunteers, civic associations, but also political entities, on this day, to sincerely wish and act in the direction of spreading peace, especially in the current social and political context. Instead of hate speech and violence, to send messages of understanding and respect. For all of us to show,

with concrete steps, that we know and can do more in the fight for peace and freedom, in the fight for a dignified life.

With a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, as of 2001, September 21 has been declared International Day of Peace. This year as well, September 21, International Day of Peace, peace is achieved only if we fight together and overcome all mutual misunderstandings, if we respect human rights and freedoms and believe that all of us equally deserve to live in peace, freedom and dignity.

CIVIL appeals that peace, freedom, unity are values that Macedonia has and should value and promote every day. In this way, prejudice, hatred, inequality will be overcome, the struggle against interethnic conflicts, corruption, poverty will be won.

On September 19, CIVIL submitted an initiative to the Parliament of Macedonia for September 21 – International Day of Peace and December 10 – International Human Rights Day to be declared national holidays.

CIVIL remains observant and loud in the defense of human rights and freedoms sending out a strong message that every individual can contribute to overcoming hatred, prejudice, nationalism, violence and the cult towards weapons.

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