CIVIL on the census of the population: Condemnation of the politicization, call for participation and support for the process

CIVIL – Center for Freedom has been monitoring the process of the implementation of the census since the day the procedure for its implementation started, that is, the preparations for the Law on the Census of the Population, adopted in January 2021.

On the day of the start of the census, September 5, 2021, CIVIL is announcing the position, assessments and recommendations of the Organization to the citizens, public, institutions and all others.

Finally, after almost two decades, a census of the population will be carried out that does not have a political dimension, but is a statistical operation needed by the people, institutions, businesses and society overall. CIVIL highly assesses the work of the institutions, primarily, the State Statistical Office and considers that the institutions are prepared, the process is well-organized and in compliance to the measures for protection against COVID-19.

CIVIL strongly condemns the politicization of the Census 2021 statistical operation and wishes the enumerators successful work, who will start working on the ground today, September 5.

The calls for a boycott are a crime. The structures that are calling for boycotting the census have the goal of gaining political profit at the expense of the public interest. CIVIL calls on the public to reject and condemn such irresponsible political action.

Political parties, without exception, should support the census through public calls and communication with their membership.

CIVIL calls also on the media and civil society to help in the realization of this important statistical operation with public calls and correct reporting.

Enumerators are urged to strictly comply to the health protocols, such as the professional census standards.

Participation of citizens is a citizen obligation, regulated by law.

CIVIL calls on all citizens to fulfill their obligation and to take part in this statistical operation.

Citizens can report unlawful action and irregularities during the implementation of the census also to CIVIL.

Contacts: 02/5209176 (working days, from 9.00 to 17.00),[email protected]

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