CIVIL on International Day for Tolerance calls on political entities and institutions to fight against hate speech

On International Day for Tolerance, November 16, CIVIL reminds and calls for strengthening public awareness on the dangers of intolerance, promotes the universal human rights and freedoms, the respect and acceptance of diversity, will and ability to unite diversity regardless of political, religious, racial, sexual and other beliefs

Citizens are called to foster mutual solidarity, respect and understanding, to respect diversity in everyday communication and in education of the young generations.

Educational and cultural institutions, the media and civil society are among the most called upon to implement programs for education of the young generations for the need of building a tolerant, inclusive and peace-loving society that respects diversity as a quality and an advantage.

CIVIL acknowledges that there are great and positive achievements in the promotion of tolerance, both with political and institutional projects and practices. However, society remains deeply divided as a result of the rhetoric and actions of certain political structures that regularly produce hate speech, disinformation, which often also result in violence in various forms.

Our aspirations are aimed at the highest, universal values, such as the inviolable respect for human rights, respect for diversity in every aspect, recognition of other values as well as familiarizing with unfamiliar persons, towards a non-violent, that is, peaceful approach to resolving any conflict.

CIVIL again calls on the competent institutions to take appropriate measures in regards to the continuous hate speech, to reject the practice of impunity for anyone who promotes, uses and encourages hate speech.

This year too, CIVIL sends a message to all citizens, political entities and state institutions to adhere to the high moral principles for tolerance and to fight against hate speech and black propaganda that cause chaos and destruction.


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