CIVIL is demanding a more serious approach in dealing with the phantom voters

Reports of citizens that phantom voters are returning in the Voters Register are not stopping. Today CIVIL again reacted with a public announcement that we are entirely presenting below:

From the first day since the start of the public inspection into the Voters Register ahead of the Referendum, CIVIL has received over fifty reports of problems. The old problems, despite the assurances by the politicians and the SEC, are still evident. This is a call for the citizens to react and report such problems to CIVIL.

The deleted phantoms have again returned to the Voters Register and have comfortably settled at the addresses of the citizens who contacted out organization. There are also reports of dead people still figuring in the Voters Register.

In one case, a citizen writes to us saying that he immediately contacted the SEC to report several “uninvited guests” at his address. The SEC, as in the previous election processes, told him to call the MOI. The MOI, on the other hand, are referring them back to the State Election Commission, and this goes on. The voters are hearing the same story: someone else is always responsible.

Our colleague Sinisa Stakovik, who this time decided to go all the way, encountered a closed circle, from which the conclusion is that the reports of the citizens serve only the competent institutions to have insight that the “phantoms” are disputable, if they accidentally come back to get ID cards or passports at the same address!

CIVIL is urging the institutions not to play with the will of the citizens who have decided to finish the job for which their employees receive salaries and to react to the reports of the citizens. Furthermore, CIVIL is inviting citizens to use the opportunity for inspection into the Voters Register and to report the irregularities to the SEC, and also to CIVIL, for the purpose of conducting public control of the process.

This can be done by sending an email to CIVIL: [email protected], with the subject: Voters Register. In the message state the name and last name of the actual existing persons, the address, and then the names and last names of the persons that do not live at that address. You may also contact us at at the following telephone number: 02 / 520 91 76 from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, every working day.

We urge the institutions to simplify the process of resolving the cases that will be reported by citizens. There is no reason for the voters themselves to the job of the institutions, while being directed from one door to another, and at the end not to have the problem solved!

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