At its press-conference, Civil presented the data from the first reports of the Prevention Working Groups which showed a large number of irregularities throughout the country

The Prevention Working Groups are assigned to nine regions and have their own observers and mobile teams in all municipalities in Macedonia.

So far, from the reports of these working groups formed and administrated by Civil together with the partner organisations, we can detect a series of irregularities impacting the regularity of the election process. We detect, inter alia, the promises of employment in the local and state administration, if a certain party comes to power. The mayors and other political leaders are running an intensive campaign, by cutting ribbons, meeting the population, local communities and many other methods, in order to gain as many votes as possible.

press conferenceCivil notes that, besides the traditional media, the social networks are used for promoting hate speech. We have also detected several graffiti with hate speech.

Furthermore, citizens transferring from one to another party are under strong pressure from the party they previously belonged to. There have been many complaints about aggressive agitation from door to door and by telephone. In this regard, there are many reports about false impersonation, i.e., conducting supposed polls on behalf of nongovernmental organizations which then, depending on the answer of the interviewee, are used for agitation.

There have been several physical assaults, one of which is an assault with cold weapon.

The citizens in the region of Strumica are very worried that they will lose the job, especially those who do not have a decision on employment for an indefinite period. More reports indicate the existence of "guarantee lists" on which the activists are forced to put names of voters for a particular party and next to them they have to specify the type of their relation and guarantees about the level of their certainty that they will vote “appropriately”.

As regards the “demographic interventions”, we noticed that the “Serbian trains” are activated in several municipalities. In addition, we have noticed that the socially vulnerable groups are under strong pressure, that is, they are promised the fulfilment of their basic needs in order to gain their votes.

The abuse of minors is widespread. One dancing section was promised that they will go on a trip abroad if their parents vote for a particular party. The minors are engaged to agitate and participate in party events. Party flags were noticed in one secondary school in the region of Kumanovo.

civil press conference 2Farmers inform of blackmail with subsidies. The agitations occur even in hospitals. The employees in hospitals agitate before their patients. The party election headquarters are open and very active prior to the beginning of the campaign. In the region of Kumanovo, Kriva Palanka, on the final day of the deadline for submitting the lists of candidates, around 80 vehicles with flags of the ruling party paraded through the city, declaring election victory.

In Kichevo, anyone who will agree with the opposition to boycott the elections is declared a traitor. In Shtip, the bigger parties pressure the smaller parties with accusations that they are stealing their votes by presenting their own candidates.

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