CIVIL in Tearce

CIVIL – Center for Freedom has already assigned observers in the Municipality of Tearce who are monitoring the situation in this municipality ahead of the election rerun at polling station 2011 on Sunday, December 25.With the purpose to contribute to raising public awareness of the voting right and to act preventively against election irregularities, CIVIL’s activists will open information stands of the projects “Forward!” and “We Are Watching” in Tearce on Friday, December 23, starting at 14:00h.

Following the decision of the Administrative Court to annul the voting at polling station 2011 in the Municipality of Tearce, in the Sixth Electoral Unit, CIVIL’s teams are intensively on the ground and are monitoring the election process.

In the interest for the voting rights to be freely realized in Tearce, CIVIL will inform the voters in this municipality on their rights to free and secret voting without threats, blackmail and pressures.

We once again remind that CIVIL alerted the public about the election irregularities, fraudulent practices, abuse of resources and of the administration, about the flaws in the work of the State Election Commission and many other problems of this process, and in this regard informs the public every day.

CIVIL will continue working devotedly on revealing and publishing all anti-democratic and unlawful actions of all actors involved in the election and political process in the country.

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