CIVIL has improved and specified the terms of use and privacy protection on its media platform

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is informing editorial offices and readers that in this past period it has been working on improving and specifying the conditions for using the contents published on the organization’s media platform. At the same time, it has made changes in the degree of copyright protection, and has paid special attention to the protection of the privacy of all users.

The terms of use, copyright and the protection policy are published on the following LINK. It is especially important to pay attention to the Instructions for downloading the contents of CIVIL’s media platform, which we present in this announcement.

Instructions for downloading

Downloading the contents from CIVIL’s media platform is possible by displaying the link of the website’s homepage above the downloaded content (text or video). For instance, if the downloaded text is originally published on, then it is precisely this link that needs to be placed.

Furthermore, the entire content is not allowed to be downloaded, but rather a maximum of 50% of the content, if a text is being downloaded. Video contents that are being downloaded have to be with a link to our site, and in no case downloaded and republished on another site or video channel. At the end of the downloaded content, the link to the specific contents being downloaded is placed. For example: the entire text, read on the following link (copy the link of the specific content).

The announcements of CIVIL – Center for Freedom are published on and can be downloaded entirely, according to the Creative Commons 4.0 License. All other contents are downloaded in accordance with the terms described above.

If the users do not adhere to the conditions for downloading, CIVIL reserves the right to charge those contents.

Contents that CIVIL Media publishes from other sources, for which there is always a specific disclaimer, are not allowed to be downloaded. For example: contents downloaded from MIA are not allowed to be downloaded.

Editorial offices interested in a different kind of arrangement, need to contact CIVIL – Center for Freedom in writing at For more information, please contact us at the following telephone number 02 / 5209 176.

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