CIVIL: Freedom of reporting must not be endangered!

CIVIL – Center for Freedom expresses its repulsion and strongly condemns the attack on the media crew of Television 21, by close relatives of the Mayor of Aracinovo, Milikije Halimi, while they had been recording in the municipality.

Precisely these kind of acts and unlawful behaviour of violators are among the main reasons why the reputation of the Republic of North Macedonia in regards to the media is ruined in the international public.

Freedom of information must not be endangered, while journalists and media workers must not be hindered in performing their work. They must not be a subject of verbal and physical attacks and threats!

The fact that this primitive and violent behaviour comes from structures close to political figures is extremely unacceptable. Therefore, CIVIL welcomes the condemnation by Mayor Halimi and calls on the mayor to take all the measures in the context of resolving this unacceptable act of violence as soon as possible.

CIVIL demands for the Ministry of Interior and the Public Prosecutor’s Office to immediately carry out an efficient investigation and for the perpetrators to be strictly sanctioned!

At the same time, CIVIL reminds of the numerous cases of violence against journalists, for which there is still no resolution. The impunity of such actions, unfortunately, just additionally encourages persecutors in hindering freedom of information!

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