CIVIL for Divo Naselje, three years later…

“The little war” in Divo Naselje occurred on May 9, 2015, only 8 days before the big civil protest against the regime, on the day of victory over fascism, Victory in Europe Day.

Eight members of the police lost their lives in this difficult security incident. And while President Ivanov was at a parade in Moscow, the Macedonian and world public were distressed.

What really happened? Who really is behind this terrorist attack? How did the citizens of Kumanovo and Macedonia respond?

We will try to find an answer to these and many other questions at the panel discussion on the third anniversary of the “little war” in Divo Naselje, precisely in Kumanovo, in the building of the Committee, starting at 1.00 pm. All interested citizens are invited.

The panel discussion is part of CIVIL’s project “Free Media For A Free Society”, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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