CIVIL: Don’t keep silent, report corruption!

CIVIL encourages and calls on the citizens to join the fight for prevention of corruption.

Citizens are a key factor in disclosing and preventing corruption. Thanks to citizen participation in decision-making processes, as well as in CIVIL’s monitoring, today we are noting significant changes in the laws and in society.

Precisely because of the influence of civil society and the citizens, transparency of state institutions has also increased.

In that direction, and especially after the new Law on prevention of corruption has entered force and the establishment of the new Anti-Corruption Commission, CIVIL encourages you to report all cases of corruption that you are witnessing, with the purpose of combatting this evil.

Therefore, you can report your information in relation to corruption, abuse of power and pressures at the following link.

Whistle-blowers are protected by law, what is important is the information, and not who has given it, that is why there is also the possibility for you to remain anonymous, as is provided for in the new Law on prevention of corruption and conflict of interests.

In addition to corruption, you can also report violation of human rights and freedoms, hate speech and false news. These forms are on the website of CIVIL dedicated to transparency and responsible political processes,

CIVIL Communication Team

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