CIVIL demands transparency in the financing of the pre-election campaign

CIVIL– Center for Freedom is reminding the political parties that transparency is both a legal and  a moral obligation for those who have the intention of taking positions in.government at the local and national level.

Therefore, CIVIL today sent written addresses to the political parties with several questions on the financing of their campaign. These questions are in terms of how they finance their pre-election campaigns, how they finance the propaganda materials and advertisements, how much do the gifts for the voters cost, what are the sources.of financing, that is, who are the donors.

During the pre-election campaign, the promises and propaganda material are not the only political product that is offered by the candidates striving for a position in government. Most often, political party activists visit households, from door to door, and give voters small gifts such as lighters, coffee, t-shirts, pens, notebooks, bags, balloons and other small items.

These questions have been sent to all participants in the election race of all elections, but replies have been lacking for years. Will the parties make a change in their practices this year?


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