CIVIL demands that the institutions react to the calls of extreme violence

CIVIL – Center for freedom advocates for a society governed by freedom, equality and justice, a society in which citizens feel safe and have trust in the institutions, where safety, freedom of movement and freedom of speech are guaranteed with the law and efficient functioning of the system.

A society in which certain groups constantly call for, and commit violence on citizens, cannot be healthy. Constant calls for extreme violence from certain groups are a result of the established impunity from the previous government, as well as the impunity that continued even after the fall of the regime.

The radical structures in this country are spreading hate on ethnical, religious and political grounds, unhindered and unpunished. There are countless examples of messages on social networks, media and graffiti, as well as on certain protests in which extremist opinions and calls for violence dominate.

One of many everyday manifestations of hate and calls for violence is also the message sent to fan groups to “mobilize”. “Let’s settle scores with the Shqiptar - Severdzan police with baseball bats, pyrotechnics, poles, Molotov cocktails, let’s beat the life out of them, and then we’ll see what next, whether a forced attack or something more radical” This wording is not an isolated incident, but rather a trend in the public communication of the radical structures in the Republic of Macedonia.

CIVIL most strongly condemns hate speech and calls for violence and demands from the institutions to sanction all the individuals and groups that spread hate and call for violence, immediately. We demand that the institutions react decisively, effectively and firmly, and hold responsible also, the highest managing structures of the political parties that directly or indirectly encourage the radical groups and individuals in this country

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