Civil demands responsibility for the massive surveillance

Over twenty thousand citizens of Macedonia were a subject to an unlawful communication surveillance, the opposition SDSM has reported at today’s press conference. The presented materials make it obvious that the authorities treat Macedonian citizens worse than criminals and terrorists, crossing all limits and legal restrictions of tracking communications. By doing this, the authorities have fully relativized the rule of law and seriously violated human rights and freedoms.


We, Civil – Center for Freedom, strongly condemn this impertinent, unscrupulous and criminal behavior of those responsible for this massive surveillance.


We demand responsibility for the massive surveillance, immediately, with no further delays.

Civil – Center for Freedom demands immediate investigation for those responsible for this operation, starting from bosses, ending with those who gave consent for these criminal procedures, including investigation organs, as well as public prosecution and other legal instances that violated the laws and violated human rights and freedoms of citizens in the past years.


We appeal to all media to publicize materials that testify about the serious violation of human rights and freedoms in Macedonia and to ignore the threats, whether they come from the prosecutor Zvrlevski, from the authorities, or media under their control. Their threats do not have legal ground. On the contrary, they represent grave violation of the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Macedonia.

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