Civil creates a newsroom

CIVIL announces that after long preparations created a newsroom on March 24, 2014. The first task of the Information of editorial journalists, named CIVIL MEDIA, will cover events and the topics related with the electoral process in the Republic of Macedonia.

civil mediaWe call on all political parties, branches and other party organs, election staffs of candidate for President of Macedonia, state and public institutions, government, local self-government, State Election Commission, Agency for Sound and Audiovisual Media Services, civil society organizations, local and foreign mission supervisory and other parties that are affected with the electoral process in Macedonia - to regularly inform our editorial and send us invitations for their press-conferences and other events that are an interest to the media. This editorial is created as part of the project Free Elections 2014 implemented by CIVIL, but it is planned to continue to work even after the project is finished. On the web-portal CIVIL will be announced informative contents in Macedonian, Albanian and English and on the other on-line channels of the organization. Informative content will be available without limitation to all media in the country and the world, in the first two months of existence of this editorial. Other media’s that take content from CIVIL, please do not change the content, namely the meaning and essence of the material which they take. The contents that you take should be taken as a whole, the source should be mentioned, and the donor of CIVIL in the project Free Elections 2014.


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