Civil - Center for Freedom continues with the activities of the project "Free and Non-violent Elections 2013", at the same pace, including monitoring of the second round of the local elections, at all polling units that will have a run-off vote.

067A remainder, that means that the project continues with both its components: the first component which includes public awareness raising for elections without violence and pressures, realized through on-line activism, TV, radio and newspaper campaign, dissemination of education materials for free and non-violent elections; as well as the second component which includes comprehensive monitoring of the entire electoral process, including the pre-election campaign, election campaign silence, voting day and media. Monitoring is being carried out by approximately 140 persons in nine prevention working groups and several mobile teams countrywide.

Despite the countless indications of numerous irregularities spotted in the first round of the elections, not only by Civil, but by many other organisations and institutions, information received from the field so far, speak of tense atmosphere in the municipalities that will have a run-off vote on Sunday. In this atmosphere citizens are prevented from free expression of their will. This clearly means that the majority of the election stakeholders keep on doing illegal activities of the kind we already reported about and announced in several occasions, not too long ago.

Once again, Civil calls on all election stakeholders, political parties and their members and activists,  state institutions, civil society organisations and all Macedonian citizens, to give their own contribution for free and non-violent elections and take part in a fair and democratic political competition by being civil to each other.

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