CIVIL condemns violence and hate crimes

Hate speech and hate crimes are interconnected and are a threat to human rights and freedoms, but also to the development, security and stability of a democratic society. Hate speech directed at those who are “different” often leads to hate crime that is prohibited and sanctioned in accordance to the Criminal Code.

CIVIL most strongly condemns any act of violence, and especially acts that stem from hatred towards those who are not like-minded or towards members of various communities. The organization condemns the violence against the President of the organization LGBTI United from Tetovo, Bekom Asani, and demands from the responsible institutions to find and sanction the attackers.

Violence is unacceptable and intolerable in a democratic society. Physical, but also verbal violence, hatred and slander, orchestrated persecution of people, because they are different. Unfortunately, in our society, a culture of impunity is being nurtured for quite some time. And despite progress in the area of rights of LGBT communities, there still are serious challenges.

CIVIL always has been and will be an organization that stands in defence of the rights of LGBTI communities, and continuously demands improvement to their rights with specific policies and practices that the institutions are obliged to take. There must be no impunity for any matter, and this also implies cancelling impunity for hate crimes directed at LGBTI communities. The state and the institutions have a duty to apply the Law on Prevention and Protection Against Discrimination and Hate Speech to everyone equally.

CIVIL as an organization will always stand in defence of human rights and freedoms, and that also includes the right to sexual orientation, the right to freedom of expression and the right to a just and free world.

Instead of fear, hatred, discrimination, CIVIL calls for humanity, solidarity and accepting that all members are equal, regardless of their gender, religious or ethnic background, social status, sexual orientation or other affiliation, identity or feature.

Everyone has a right to a dignified life, and all of us as part of society have a duty to be in solidarity and to protect human rights and freedoms of all. The institutions have the duty to foster a culture of acceptance and to fight against stereotypes and prejudices.

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