CIVIL: Celebrate safely!

Ahead of the New Year’s and Christmas holidays, CIVIL  appeals to all the citizens in the country to: Celebrate safely! 

In anticipation of the holidays, CIVIL – Center for Freedom is reminding that celebratory gunfire is forbidden by law and is extremely dangerous. There are numerous examples of celebrations and festivities ending tragically, when a falling bullet has killed and injured people passing by or a participant at a celebration. No matter how much you think you can use a firearm safely, have in mind that even the best professionals do make mistakes.

One of CIVIL’s slogans in the past years is: Do not be impressed by “weapons experts” – you will outlive them!

Regardless of how morbid it may sound, it is a fact that has to be taken into consideration when alcohol is consumed and safety is overlooked. During all that, the “cheerful gunmen” must have in mind that even though their gunfire has not injured anyone, the trauma inflicted on everyone in their surroundings from the gunfire, is also a great harm.

“A bullet fired in the air, has to return to the ground. And when it does, there may be tragic consequences, a not to mention the dangers of a ricochet or simply a stray bullet that can be deadly” – say from CIVIL.

Children are the most common victims of trauma, injuries, and even tragedies as a result of the unconscious handling and misuse of weapons. “When unconscious people misuse weapons for celebratory shooting, conscious parents need to tell three simple safety rules to their children: to distance themselves from the place of the celebratory shooting, not to touch weapons or explosives and to report illegal use of weapons. These safety rules, nevertheless, also apply to adults”, are the safety rules stated by CIVIL.

Explosives and firecrackers are hazardous to health and life. In one of CIVIL’s manuals for education of children and young people on safe behaviour, it is stated that: “Firecrackers and explosives, as well as weapons, are dangerous and often cause tragedies, even among professionals, who also have handling of explosives and weapons in their job description”.

CIVIL is joining the appeal of the MOI for firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices not to be used, and calls on citizens to report unconscious and unlawful behaviour.

CIVIL is a member-organization of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) and of the global coalition Control Arms from the very beginning. The organization has extensive experience, relevant expertise and international reputation in the fight against trafficking and misuse of illegal weapons, armed violence, extremism and terrorism.


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