CIVIL calls for civic investigation

CIVIL has launched the Civic Lenses Project, a project in which every citizen of Republic of Macedonia is welcomed to participate with photographs, video and audio recordings, and written articles on all types of intimidation, blackmail and corruption in an electoral context, as well as violation of voting rights.

Each month, five most successful submissions will be rewarded with vouchers for photo/video and computer equipment. Everyone with a smart phone, camera or camcorder of any kind, and everyone who has at least basic writing skills, is invited to get involved in our project.

CIVIL is also organizing five 2-day regional seminars on citizen journalism training. Speakers will be distinguished professionals and experts in the field of journalism and activism.

All citizens can register for each of these seminars by submitting a CV and a motivation letter (maximum one page) in which they will briefly describe their skills and readiness to participate to the seminars. Each participant completing the training will be awarded a certificate of participation.

The first seminar will be held in Skopje on October 31 and November 1, for which residents of Skopje, Kumanovo, Lipkovo, Tetovo, Gostivar and neighboring municipalities can register. Registration is until October 27 (Tuesday) at [email protected]: Seminar Registration.

The remaining four seminars will be held during November and December and will cover all the other regions of Macedonia.

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About the Civic Lenses Project

Civic Lenses Project is an open-end project that combines research/investigation, media activities, and activism that serves as basis for a long-term elections observation. This project will contribute towards development of citizen journalism in the country.

The overall objective is to raise awareness on political processes related to the forthcoming elections and to alarm the domestic and international public on fraudulent practices in an electoral context.

The purpose of the project is to identify and expose voting rights violations through an interactive and dynamic activity, involving human rights activists, media, and general audience that will gather photographic, video, audio and written information to serve as basis for observation, analysis and reporting on the elections process.

The project is supported by: National Endowment for Democracy.

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