CIVIL calls for awareness, consciousness and responsibility

Dozens of questions, information and comments related to COVID-19, the state of emergency, the curfew and many other topics are arriving daily in CIVIL’s inbox and on its Facebook page. A great part of them refer to the disregarding of the curfew, to the guidelines for protection against the virus and to the fake news related to COVID-19.

First and foremost, most important is for citizens to know that the measures must be fully and uncompromisingly respected. Safety, hygiene and complying to the government measures and recommendations are of vital importance these days.

WE MUST NOT ENDANGER OUR OWN OR THE HEALTH OF OTHERS under any circumstances. The measures for self-isolation, restricted movement, keeping distance between people, hygiene, are life-saving measures, literally and specifically. It’s about the life of everyone individually, the life of family members and of everyone together. Endangering anyone’s life is forbidden by law and by all moral norms. Irresponsibility, individual or collective, is a risk to life. To be irresponsible these days could also mean to cause someone’s death.

The institutions are functioning well, perhaps the best in the entire region and beyond. There are many acknowledgements that the state institutions of North Macedonia are an example worldwide for timely and efficient handling of the world crisis. They are paid for that, established for protection of the population in which our fellow citizens work in. Therefore, it is meaningless not to trust them, but to trust irresponsible individuals and groups interested in political, financial or other forms of benefit. Citizens have the possibility, but also obligation, to turn to the competent institutions for every question and for every form of threat or disregarding of the measures.

There is nothing wrong in dialling 192 (police) and reporting irresponsible and unlawful behaviour. Trust in the institutions means alertness, cooperation and support. Solidarity among people and preserving health and life are manifested by fully complying to and respecting the government measures and recommendations of the health institutions. There is no compromise here!

CIVIL calls on all citizens to be aware, conscious and responsible towards themselves and towards others. Every one of us needs to oppose fake news, disinformation and hate speech, which unfortunately do not abate, by reporting and condemning. This also is a way of helping in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat. The myths, manipulations and disinformation about COVID-19, no matter how much they seem naïve or that they are a figment of imagination or ignorance, can threaten the lives of many people. We have to stand in their way.

The state of emergency and the numerous restrictions, even though aimed at protecting the public interest, the health and lives of people, also create space for manipulating the public awareness and violating human rights. CIVIL is closely observing any violation of human rights and freedoms in these difficult conditions as well. Any case of violation of human rights and freedoms should be noted, and the public and institutions must react accordingly and without hesitation.

CIVIL’s teams are on the ground and online. We remain committed to contributing to the fight against the spread of coronavirus, but also against fake news, abuses and violation of human rights and freedoms.

Take care of yourselves and of others. We thank you for the support and trust.

#StayHome and say NO to irresponsibility, YES to common good.

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