Civil and Helsinki Committee call for responsibility and ease of tensions

We appeal to all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia to put an immediate end of hate speech on social networks and to abstain from ethnically motivated violence and vandalism.

Parents must talk to their children and influence them not to engage in bullying and vandalism during civil protests.

Escalation of ethnic tensions in the country is a consequence of wrong policies and practices of the ruling parties. Therefore, we demand from them, VMRO-DPMNE and DUI, to take immediate measures to prevent violence and defuse tensions that could lead to security crisis.

We appeal to the media to refrain from hate speech and to give space to peaceful part of society to express their opinions and views on the situation.

We appeal to all civil society organizations to take immediate action in direction of easing the tensions and contribute to prevention from violence during the civil protests.

The police must abstain from misconduct and brutality, and to take officers who had violated the law accountable for their actions.

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