Cingoski testifies to serious electoral fraud

Vlado Cingoski, a lawyer from Ohrid, a former official of the SDSM, testified to serious manipulations of all the election processes conducted so far in the Republic of Macedonia. He gave striking data on the situation in recent years and now, on the abuses and pressures, as well as on the controversial role of the various participants in the electoral processes. He disclosed the intentions and positions of the majority of those present in the hall.

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Cingoski was one of the participants at the Meeting with the citizens entitled ALL FOR FREE ELECTIONS in Ohrid . The event was held in the Conference Hall of the Municipality of Ohrid, on January 30, 2016.

"I am a witness,  and Zoran Veljanovski has also been here with me in many elections, as a member of the Municipal Election Commission, I have also been Secretary in 1990, '94, '96, '98, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005, and since then I am no longer a member of electoral commissions. We are aware of how voting is being conducted. We know how pressure is being put, how fraud is being performed, it’s not a "Bulgarian train", but rather a "Macedonian train”, the Bulgarians are not smarter in inventing how to forge things, they are small children to us, we already know all of this. We are also aware of "Magnus”, we know how to fight, we know everything. And we have all participated, some actively, others passively – we have all participated.

The point here is whether you, as an NGO, will follow the elections and will note all the irregularities, and whether you will provide an objective report to those who you must report to. And that there will be fair and democratic elections, no there won’t be - fair elections, I can guarantee you that again there won’t be, because here they are not citizens...

Neither Zoran is a citizen, he is the Director of the cemetery, neither is this lady a citizen, she is a director of a kindergarten, neither is this man a citizen, he is the director of the city's market ... So, all of you here today have come in some function. And it is good that they have organized this (please, I was silent while you spoke), they organized it for you, and in regards to SDSM sleeping, let them sleep in their rooms, what can I do, how can I help them?

Otherwise, everyone here is a director, even my cousin Stefan Dzingovski, he's from VMRO-DPNME who has come with a purpose, because he is from the Port Authority, his captain is here so he must also be here. Hence, that is not the problem, absolutely not the problem here – in terms of what the elections will be like. I guarantee you that the elections will be neither from one, nor the other side, fair, democratic and credible. However, can you do your job and monitor them, can you make a good analyses - whether those elections are free and democratic. Give an objective report, on whether they are free and democratic, if you fail to do this, then it is worthless discussing everything here.

We had an example with MOST, they said - we will be objective. SDSM was in power, all the observers of MOST were from SDSM. None of the irregularities at the polling stations were a problem for the observers of MOST.

VMRO-DPMNE is doing the same thing now too, they can and are involved in MOST, observers are being involved, people are being involved, and then they give good reports. When the reports will be collected in MOST (or in CIVIL), the reports will be good and these reports will then be submitted to your superiors, to the OSCE or ODIHR, I do not know.... "

(Reaction from the those present from CIVIL: "We have no superiors!").

"You do have superiors, I am an atheist, but only God has no superior, whereas, all of us have superiors. And I feel that I have no superior, but when you get caught in an economic crisis, you have to have someone to pray to, it is a fact, let’s be honest. Therefore, let’s put an end to all these discussions, I thought you were here to tell us how you are going to monitor this process, and I believed that from the other side there would be at least citizens, yet here, we have only officials. I had to say this, I don’t know about you, here the secretary of the municipal assembly was the only one to say - ' I do not want to put pressure on employees to vote in these three years,.' That I can say and confirm, and thank him, because this wasn’t the case when I was here. Someone was promising to bring 3000 people to a demonstration, there were such cases. If this is so, then good for Mr. Secretary. However, we do know that there are those who are working on the ground at the moment, going to the sick people making promises, they have also visited some of my relatives. Isn’t that right Stevco? And they said that they would arrange to have the job done for an eye surgery, isn’t that right? For cataract treatment. So, we do have cases that this is being performed, and it is bribe. It is an election bribe ... ", Valdo Cingoski concluded his speech.

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