Celebratory firing is primitive, dangerous and illegal!

CIVIL- Center for Freedom strongly condemns celebratory firing and the cult of weapons.

We urge the hosts and organizers of family celebrations to replace the guns and bullets with legal alternatives, such as fireworks, and ones that are handled by qualified personnel. Celebratory firing is prohibited by law, and is part of a tradition that belongs to the past centuries when people did not have phones and other communication tools. It is primitave, dangerous and illegal.

CIVIL has been continously alerting the public and the institutions on topics and events related to arms control in the last 17 years, and is implementing a public awareness campaign on overcoming the cult of weapons and violence in the country.

It is high time for stakeholders in the domain of society, institutions and the government to take serious steps for overcoming the cult towards weapons and other problems related to weapons. Arms control is not just a police task, but rather it is part of long-term and multi-disciplinary measures for dealing with the cult against weapons.

Every year, CIVIL comes out with a seris of recommendations for arms control. The government of Gruevski was deaf to CIVIL’s recommendations in these past years, and also stopped projects for police prevention and reforms, part of which were dedicated to these topics. We hope that the new government will be open towards CIVIL’s expertise and recommendations

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