“BT-TOXIC” – Detoxification of the public awareness of the people of Bitola

The launching of the documentary film “BT-Toxic”, of the Association “It’s about us”, that took place yesterday in Club “Positive” in Bitola, summarized the activities titled “Inform, educate and activate yourself”, as part of the Project “Citizen involvement for solving environmental problems”.

The primary goal of the documentary film is education, but also raising public awareness in regards to the problem with air pollution, which is first of all human and then political.

Pece Talevski is the screenwriter and producer of “BT-Toxic”, and Eleonora Veninova is the Director.  Professor Dr. Dragan Gjorgjev from the Institute of Public Health, Toni Paspalovski from REK Bitola, Viktor Iliev from “Bitola on bike”, Nevena Smilevska, from “Eko svest” (Eco-sense) and the members of the association “It’s about us” also took part in the film, among others, with polemical views in regards to the enormous air pollution in Bitola.

Душко Груевски

Father Dusko Gruevski

 “Our goal in the film was for no one to be attacked. For everyone to say what they know about the problem from their own perspective. In the film we can see very different statements and points of view. We will not say which view is right and which is wrong. Anyone who thinks that they should be included in the problem and act in this field, and in other fields as well, including this one as most importantly, should investigate on their own and see who they will trust, out of these 7/8 people, in the sense of what the facts are saying, said Father Dusko Gruevski, member of the Association “It’s about us”.

Regarding the question if a representative of the Municipality had been invited  to express the municipality’s official views, Father Gruevski replied that the Municipality had been invited, and that all those who considered that they should be part of this action did take participation.

You can follow the entire documentary film “BT-TOXIC” on the YouTube channel of the Association “It’s about us”.

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