Besa’s bad moves

In regards to Besa’s call to the Albanians for an anti-government protest to be held on June 13, CIVIL - Center for Freedom, considers that organizing mono-ethnic protests these days is quite inappropriate.

In times of interethnic unity, unseen for decades, Besa is making an unserious political decision for gathering the Albanians to express their revolt against the regime of Gruevski and Ahmeti.

This new movement has adopted two very wrong decisions in a very short period of time. The first one was when it called upon the Albanians not to support the large protest rally on May 17 this year. This protest was organized by more than 80 civil associations and political parties. Many consider this call of Besa, but also of other Albanian political parties, to be shooting oneself in the foot. And that is how it ended up. The Albanians ignored these calls and massively, along with everyone else, filled the space in front of the government.

And now, instead of fixing this mistake of theirs, they are entering into yet another adventure. Alone.

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