Civil - Center for Freedom’s appeal, May 7, 2012

Following the latest developments in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as in continuation of the previous appeals and recommendations issued in the past several months, Civil - Center for Freedom expresses high concerns about the situation in the country.

The appeals and recommendations issued in the past seem to be unheard, though entirely valid. Meanwhile, the country is under new risks every next day, due to the lack of dialogue and wrong policies.

Therefore, we reinforce our calls for respect for human rights and freedoms, rule of law, democracy, peace and tolerance. We appeal to all citizens and institutions in the country; every single individual, all communities and institutions at all levels can and have to take steps towards solutions for serious problems that our society and the state are facing.

Be honest.

Deterioration in the spheres of human rights, democracy and rule of law must stop and immediate measures to revert the current trends must be introduced with no delay.

In particular, our appeal is addressed to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and all political parties in the country.

All political parties have to immediately start a dialogue on the main challenges that concern all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, namely, their human rights and freedoms.

Political leaders should set aside the struggle to win power and immediately abandon nationalistic rhetoric in order to gain political scores before the voters.

Political parties are expected to offer measures that will overcome ethnic boundaries and will provide vision for European Macedonia for all.

Work with your members and supporters and encourage them to make a step towards a new course that this country needs.

Be honest.

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia has to prevent any further escalation of the situation at all levels and in all spheres.

(Small example: broadcasting video footages from special police’s raids do not help the situation at all. To the contrary, brings more hatred and escalation.)

There is no need to elaborate any further. Just follow the agenda that has been publicly agreed between the Prime Minister and the EU Commissioner Štefan Füle. And do it in an accurate and transparent way.

Be honest.

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