As long as the pensioners are alive, Veles will be as well!

At the second two-day workshop of the second cycle of the “Civic Lenses” project, which organized by CIVIL – Center for Freedom was held this weekend in Veles, participants divided in several groups participated in lectures, but also in a practical part - workshop on citizen journalism and recording footage on the streets of Veles. CIVIL Media today published the material of citizen journalist Rosica Stojkova and Nenad Jovanovic, who spoke with a person from Veles who has gone to work abroad, on the economic situation in the city, on the emigration, on how the young people depend on the pension of their parents, grandparents, on the elections…

“The parties in power blackmail you, a minimum salary of 10.000 denars, if it suits you – if not, then you have to keep quiet, you have to tolerate, you have to be with them…It’s a disaster in Veles, all the young people ln the city live off the pensions of the elderly! Which means that as long as the elderly are alive and receiving pensions, this city will live on…after that…it will be very difficult!”, says to CIVIL’s citizen journalists the person from Veles - working abroad, who at the age of 46 was forced to be one of the 600 thousand citizens of Macedonia who left their hometowns and homeland and went abroad due to the distressing economic situation.


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