The Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany supports the the project of the citizen Association “Civil” with 20 000 Euro, financial support for projects in the field of human rights.


logo Speak Up 02a (Small)“Speak Up” is a project dedicated to public awareness-raising and solidarity on human rights and freedoms.

This project’s main goal is awareness-raising on human rights and democracy, and strengthening of the spirit of solidarity among citizens, through formulation of collective demands of citizens for human rights and democracy.

Furthermore, this project’s goal is to encourage citizens and mobilize creative resources at local and national level to articulate public demands to the power holders.

The project represents an initiative to restore links between intellectuals, artists and citizens. Art is an excellent vehicle for awareness-raising and education on human rights and democracy, which are issues incorporated in this project, particularly in combination with carefully planned multimedia exhibitions, stage performances, public presentations, lectures and debates at local and national level.

This project is an opportunity for citizens to actively contribute with their thoughts and opinions, and become part of the wider process of building solidarity in the efforts to demand human rights and democracy.

The official beginning of the project is April 20 and will be completed by December 20, 2013.

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