Are party soldiers being mobilized or does someone want to sow fear?

Ahead of tomorrow’s re-voting in Tearce, CIVIL – Center for Freedom has come across rumors that party soldiers are being mobilized by a political party.

This data comes at the same time from Prilep, Sveti Nikole and the Skopje Municipality of Kisela Voda. Allegedly, calls for weapons have been circulating, with the purpose of forcibly disrupting the political process in the already turbulent post-election period in Macedonia.

According to CIVIL sources from the MOI, the situation on the ground is being closely monitored and the MOI is prepared to respond to all challenges.

CIVIL already called on the institutions to take appropriate measures to defend the right to vote and to sanction those violating the Electoral Code, at yesterday’s address it made before the public during the visit to Tearce.

According to CIVIL’s observers, it has been determined that a certain party is carrying out vote buying. Today the MOI arrested two persons suspected of committing vote buying in Tearce.

“According to our knowledge, citizens are being offered 3,000 to 6,000 denars to refrain from voting. CIVIL is once again urging citizens to freely vote tomorrow, to use their lawful and constitutional right to vote. Everyone should know that any activity that is in the direction of preventing free elections is a crime that is punishable by law”, stated Xhabir Deralla from CIVIL in yesterday’s address to the public.

CIVIL’s observers are continuously monitoring the election process in Tearce. They will be monitoring the election rerun tomorrow as well.

The election silence in Tearce ends at midnight. The election rerun at polling station 2011 begins tomorrow morning at 7:00, in the primary school of “Kiril Pejcinovic”, where 714 citizens are registered with a right to vote. The re-voting in Tearce will be carried out following the decision of the Administrative Court, which annulled the voting at this polling station that was held on December 11, due to election irregularities.

The State Election Commission (SEC) adopted a decision to have the voting in Tearce repeated, because based on the simulation, the results of the re-voting could affect the number of mandates won and the entire post-election constellation of the country.

Моnika Taleska


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