Appeal for submitting complaints and reporting irregularities and violations of voting right

Citizens, as well as candidates for mayors and list carriers at the local elections, have the right to submit complaints to the Municipal Election Commissions in the municipalities in which they live in, or directly to the State Election Commission today, until midnight.

CIVIL calls on citizens to use their right to submit a complaint, and at the same time to inform CIVIL of their complaint.

Approximately 150 citizens could not exercise their right to vote on October 15, because they had not figured on the Voters Register. That is a violation of the right to vote and is contrary to the recommendations of the ODIHR.

CIVIL urges all citizens to report any violation of their right to vote or election irregularities through the online form on or by email at Telephone: 02 / 5209 176, 071 608 523, 078 / 746 138.

Furthermore, CIVIL informs the public that on the websites in Macedonian and in Albanian, information and reports from CIVIL’s election monitoring are published, along with other information important for the citizens. Sharing and downloading these contents on the social networks is allowed (according to the Creative Commons license) and is welcomed.

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