Amdi Bajram starts campaign early with old posters!

In the Municipality of Suto Orizari, there are posters displayed from the last elections for quite some time now, with ordinal number 5 from the ballot, and with the image of the leader of the Union of Romas and MP candidate, Amdi Bajram. At the upcoming elections, the leader of the Union of Romas of Macedonia (URM) will be on the fifth position on the ballot, in the Second electoral unit, as a partner of the coalition of VMRO-DPMNE, which at the elections will be under ordinal number 1.


The citizen journalist who sent us the photos asks: Whether on the elections on December 11, the leader of the URM will be bringing votes for the coalition “For changes and justice”, led by the Democratic Union, because in December they will be under ordinal number 5 on the ballot?

The citizen journalist who wished to remain anonymous said that a large poster of the leader of URM had been hanging on a building in front of the “Amdi Pasha” Mosque since the previous elections until some time ago, which was removed only after strong wind had destroyed it.


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