A round table on the Day of Victory over Fascism

On the occasion of the day of Victory over Fascism, on the 9th of May, organized by “The Front for Free Expression”, a the round table in the GEM club in the Old Bazaar in Skopje will take place.

In a lot of cities around Europe, 9th of May is known as victory day over fascism or Europe Day. But, is it really defeated or neo-Fascism and the neo-Nationalism of groups and parties like “Golden Dawn” in Greece, “Jobbik” in Hungary, or ultra- national parties in Ataka, Bulgaria, are starting to rise again in Europe.

On this round table, the President of Civil, Xhabir Deralla, Director of the Helsinki Committee Uranija Pirovska, Irena Cvetkovik, Nikolla Galevski, Vlladimir Milchin, Xhelal Hoxhiq and Zharko Trajanovski will discuss.

Arbana Qerimi

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